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About HyperLink

At HyperLink we believe that technology should be simple to use, secure and reliable. We put people at the heart of everything that we do, technology should always deliver a seamless experience for your users

ISO Certifications

At Hyperlink Hong Kong we are always striving for ever greater delivery efficiency, security and process management. This focus on quality translates into outstanding services delivered to our clients. We take service management seriously, it is this operational excellence which gives you, the client, confidence that your technology will deliver when you need it the most.

Because of this relentless pursuit of service management efficiency, we at PTS Hong Kong have recently been awarded the ISO 20000 (IT Service Management) globally recognised certification. We won’t stop there, next in line we are aiming to become certified in ISO 27001 (Information Security). We operate on the basis of continual service improvement, we can always do more, do better and improve the services that we offer our clients.